Rehears program
Actually you don´t need this program, because you can rehearse the response alternatives for the actual reseach by means of concrete pictures.
But by using this program, the person to be investigated can adjust him or herself and get used to the environment in which the actual research will take place.
And you can use both methods.
It has to do with the building of trust and establishing a firm response set.

In every reseach project we need responses
whether that are chemical reactions or in case of human beings behavior.

These responses have as reponses no direct meaning.

They can get meaning when several responses are used as cues to form a pattern and this pattern is pointing in a certain direction.
Or when these responses are connected to conditions. The conditions are connected to theory and so this response becomes meaningful within this theoretical framework.

Let's choose three woman and three man to work with:
Queen Elizabeth
Kate Middleton
Margaret Tatcher
Prins Charles
Prins Harry
Martin Shaw as Deed
We see our first problem: all the pictures have different shapes.
But there is this tool in Visual Studio 2013 in the toolbox called Picturebox and with this tool we can show a picture and stretch it so the picture fits into the picturebox.
But this tool is not available for the internet program. Why? I don't know.
So its wise to adjust the shape of the pictures so that they are a bit the same.

Then the next thing
we gave a name to each set of pictures but there are more names nick names as iron lady and Deed becomes George Gently and so on.
For the person to be investigated it is important to give his our her own name to the pictures and stick with that. This will make the whole thing more familiar.
Alternative names
Our Queen

Her Royal Highness
The Duchess of Cambridge

Iron lady

Prins Harry

After resizing with Photoshop
Three things:
Harry-2 is a bit width perhaps Charles-1 too
and Margaret-2 is black and white
after uploading and looking at these resized pictures they look distorted to me. I will try another method to transform them.

But lets try it with these
After resized with the Windows resize program
Directly to program

Different problems  come to light:
1. the problem of resizing. In the desktop programming we have a two possibilities which the picture is adjusted:strechmode or autosize.
In strechmode every picture is adjusted to the borders of the frame of the picturebox.
In autoseize the borders of the frame are adjusted to the size of the picture.
With internet programming we have to resize the pictures beforehand.
2. the timing was a severe problem with internet programming. The limit was about 100 milliseconds.
Now I know from a tutorial on Youtube that all the controls that are used in the presentation of a timed picture have to be placed in the same Updatepanel (using Visual Studio 2013 and within that Visual basic). Then all the actions are executed without a postback.
You need within the Visual Studio environment three Ajax controls to present pictures in a correct way on the internet:
Timer control
Place all the tools you need: Image box, buttons, Timers in the Update panel.

I just remembered there are animated gifs. Very short films of a couple of frames with a minimum frame duration of 10 milliseconds. So that will do. I look into that.
The animated Gifs are working but within a computer program I can only use the animated Gif file once. I have still nog comment on my question what to do to make it possible to present an animed gif with no looping several times. So we will not follow this line anymore we have now the possiblity to do the short presentations with the programming language Visual basic within Visual Studio.

The animated Gifs were made with the program Photoscape

Wendy van Dijk followed by John Deed 60 milliseconds and 40 milliseconds
prins Charles 50 milliseconds