In order to make the opproach more comprehensive it came to me to create some examples to show the interested reader how it works.

The problem with the internet examples is that the user has less control  over the real time execution of these programs. So there can be delays in presentation and so on. The speed of your internet connection plays also a role. Response time of your computerscreen. Speed of your processor.

When the programs are executed on the home computer or laptop there is more control over the real time execution. When things develop I hope that the programs for home use will be available.

Another difference in internet programs and local programs is that for the internet programs lots of tools are not available. So you can't write a program for home use and then put it on the internet.

So these examples on the internet are meant as examples.

I hope you can experience how simple this approach is.

I will try to create two kinds of programs:

1. a response-set rehearse program
        in two forms:
             a. pictures choosen by me
             b. pictures uploaded by you

2. a research program for the cognitive side
        in two forms:
              a. material choosen by me
              b. material uploaded by you

3. Examples of the emotion approach
Program examples

Response rehearse program A
Testprogram timing (for downloading watch your virusscanner)
Response rehearse program B

Research program cognition A
Research program cognition B

Examples emotion approach
Making a simple test