Individual Psychological Diagnosis


Part I

Technical literature

Towards a new programmable tachistoscope version 1.4

Computer programs for the new Tachistoscope

Building of the tachistoscope

Another way: LCD-Beamer with SSR

Part II

Reliability of the tachistoscope

Reliability of SSR switching times

Part III

A simple
anxiety test

Part IV



 Schematic overview
 of IPD-approach

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 Program package

The theory is ready and there are some good suggestions for a modern and reliable tachistoscope.

A two channel tachistoscope
Two UNIC LCD-LED-Beamers where adapted so that they can be used as a tachistoscope.
The led light power was interrupted and connected to a CRYDOM SSR relay D2D12.
The SSR relay was connected to an Arduino Uno to steer the switching of the Led light of the beamer.
The Arduino was connected to a laptop by means of an USB hub.
The AVG input of the beamer was connected to the hub by means of a AVG-USB video graphic card.
Computer programs were written in Microsoft Visual Basic.
The firmware for the Arduino Uno was programmed in C.

UNIC LCD-LED-Beamer from the back:
we see an AVG Input,
a connector with switch, this is added to the original beamer
and to the right the power cable.

The connector with switch is a 3d printed addition to the beamer:
when the switch is "on", the beamer can be used as a beamer,
when the switch is "off", the beamer can be used as a tachistoscope.
A wire of the led-light is interrupted and connected to the connector and switch.
+ to the left and - to the right input. 
The + and - are connected to a Crydom SSR D2D12.
The Crydom SSR is connected to an Arduino UNO. And the Arduino Uno is connected to a PC/Laptop.
Backside of the original UNIC UC 46 + LCD-LED-Beamer
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